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SHIFT2you'll get the power you need and the simplicity you expect to create courses faster...and better.


The ideal eLearning software for beginners and experts alike

 Nobody wants to do extra work, right? Ditch your other eLearning software. written SHIFTeliminates all your existing hassles by working in a single workspace, with all the tools you need in one place. Work smarter, not harder!

The Template Builder: Design a screen your way - without code or development

Create a screen from scratch with our easy-to-use template builder. Add rows and columns as needed. Connect and disconnect the different content boxes. Let your imagination flow and customize the layout according to your needs.

Ever-growing Template Library

Jump-start your course with an extensive library of ready-to-use templates. Each template can be added and moved around within a course effortlessly with just drag and drop. You also have access to new additions, as well as our template library in its entirety.

Built-in audio recording studio

Record voice talent within the screen you are working on. This recording is automatically optimized, uploaded and programmed so that it begins and ends according to the screen’s progress. If there is a need for an update, simply record the audio again and SHIFT will take care of the rest. Every audio recorded will perfectly play on mobile devices as well.

Easy to see, easy to use

Easily build, edit and customize — no coding required. Our visual drag n' drop builder makes it easy and fun to design a screen. Just add your text, photos, audio, and videos, and obtain professional results that are sure to impress. Produce amazing content without the need for tech-savvy developers.


Our customers rave about how quick and easySHIFT makes their development process. You'll create professional-looking screens, that you used to only dream of creating on your own. 

Interactive templates

Add video , quizzes, images, audio, and clickable buttons into your screen, and create a truly immersive experience that makes your content stand out.

Built-in review system

Our streamlined online system enables reviewers to make comments easily.


Responsive Design

Author content once and deploy to desktop, tablet, and smartphone automatically.

Resource Library

SHIFT comes with a large image library with over 10,000 characters, icons and backgrounds.

Update content easily

Thanks to its online environment, author can quickly make changes to their content. All that’s needed is a web browser and Internet connection.

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