How’s the visual appeal of your eLearning course? Is it ordinary, boring, amateurish, forgettable? Or is it outstanding and impressive? 

Truth is, how your learners perceive the instructional content is more often than not dependent on the design element. Learners ignore cluttered and boring design. They gravitate, instead, to one that’s aesthetically pleasing.

To make sure your design will be one that gets noticed, this short course will teach you the essentials of visual eLearning design.

If you are new to design, or looking to brush up on eLearning design best-practices, this crash course is for you! 

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Advantages of using visuals in eLearning
  • Principles of good eLearning design
  • Types of visual content to connect with your learners 
  • Graphic design best practices

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