SHIFT Deploy

With SHIFT Deploy you're able to display content on mobile devices and gather data from the interactions, both online & offline.


Achieve Business Agility! Deliver content rapidly through an app

Communicate directly with users

Direct, multidirectional push notifications, delivered to the app either instantly or scheduled.

Users can also view a record of all the messages received and from whom they were sent. 

Scalability and Accessibility 

Reach your audience small or large with the same degree of effort in seconds via their mobile devices.

 e-learning companies

Personalized Experiences

Design a custom view even for a single user by adding images that represent the different categories of information you want to convey. Submit content based on your own interests and needs.


Enable a means to share, discuss, and engage your audiences through polls and feedback tools.

An app to make content more accessible to a broad audience

Reach mobile users anytime!

With SHIFT Deploy, you can display content on mobile devices and collect data from interactions, both online and offline.

Available in the App Store and Google Play stores. Best of all, it generates a single record and valuable data for decision-making.

advantages of e-learning for companies

Automate content delivery in your company

With SHIFT Deploy you can send instant, scheduled, or recurring messages to audiences of any size to be continuously informed about company news, refreshing important learning material, or releasing product updates for example.

What Is Mobile Learning (mLearning)?

What Our Clients Say

Learn about some of the global brands that have already trusted SHIFT to transform the way they train, interact and communicate with different segments.

SHIFT allowed us to train our Collaborators throughout the country, standardizing the knowledge and skills of the Operational, Commercial and Administrative force and impacting the results of service and quality of the company.

Norma Tavera

Training Manager

SHIFT has been a strategic partner in the e-learning strategy of our almost 40,000 employees. Today we have more than 300 courses at our Corporate University, constantly incorporating new learning elements that allow us to stay at the forefront.

José Armando Corona

Training Leader

SHIFT has helped us standardize the knowledge of our sales team in the company. This has allowed us to have a stronger and better prepared team that is ready to speak with the client. We have had better business results at every level since employees have access to training on mobile devices.

Gerardo Amores

eLearning Leader, Btcino Mexico

Since the beginning of our relationship with SHIFT, they have provided us with excellent service, expert advice, and follow-up to ensure the correct implementation of our projects. They have been a valuable business partner by supporting us in the implementation of a "simple and practical" online course platform that has allowed us to break paradigms in the training of our operators, taking advantage of time in a more effective way to train them.

Amaya De Gandiaga Corona

Training & Development Director

Every time we work with SHIFT we receive the highest quality services with personalized attention. They have a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals who add value to what we do.

Josué Rodríguez

Training & Development


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