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Collaboration is Key to Create Great Learning Experiences

By | on 18, Sep 2018 |

Creating a good learning experience requires a collaborative effort to combine the knowledge of different stakeholders involved in the process. Instructional Designers have to keep in mind the busines[...]

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Is Your Company Embracing Just-in-Time Learning?

By | on 15, Sep 2018 |   corporate training Industry Trends

What is "Just-In-Time Learning"? It is walking down to the desk of a more experienced co-worker to ask for a solution when you get stuck on a project. It is looking up Wikipedia when you come across a[...]

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Four Key Elements of Learning Experience Design

By | on 11, Sep 2018 |

There are four key elements or aspects of LXD (Learning Experience Design) that are critical for the success of your eLearning course. But before we get to those four things, let’s clarify some termin[...]

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Before, During, and After Training: Improving Knowledge Transfer in Your Organization in 3 Stages

By | on 06, Sep 2018 |   corporate training

As someone who cares about the prosperity of your business, you want your employees to be able to apply the knowledge acquired from the training programs to resolve real problems at the workplace. You[...]

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Evolving Your eLearning Courses for Modern Workers

By | on 04, Sep 2018 |

The modern work environment is unlike any that has come before it, and organizations often find themselves struggling to provide the kind of training that their employees want for maximum effectivenes[...]

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A List of Brain-based Strategies to Create Effective eLearning

By | on 30, Aug 2018 |   eLearning brain-based learning

There is a simple way to design effective eLearning courses about any subject: brain-based learning. This instructional approach was defined by Hileman in 2006 and has since inspired many “brain compa[...]

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Why Aren’t Employees Completing Your eLearning Courses?

By | on 28, Aug 2018 |

The short answer: it depends. Your company’s business goals are the ultimate factor determining the importance of eLearning course completion. For highly-regulated industries banking, healthcare, and [...]

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The 6 Laws of Learning No Instructional Designer Can Afford to Ignore

By | on 23, Aug 2018 |   Instructional & Graphic Design

You may pack your courses with tons of relevant content and awesome visuals, but if they don’t make a dent in the learner’s mind, they have failed in their purpose. It's time to STOP spending long hou[...]

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