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Top Reasons Why eLearning Has a Bad Reputation in Your Company

By | on 08, Oct 2015 |   online training

You know something’s wrong with the eLearning courses that you are offering if: The reports are dripping in bad news. The results are screaming “drop-outs” and “low retention.” Your employees are not [...]

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4 Simple Tricks to Make Mandatory Training Suck Less

By | on 18, Aug 2015 |   online training

Learning is mentally taxing. So, why would you assume that your employees want to spend additional time learning something, especially when you’ve labeled it "mandatory"? Here are some synonyms that a[...]

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10 Types of Learners You Can Run Into When Imparting Online Training

By | on 05, Aug 2014 |   online training eLearning

The most challenging aspect of imparting effective online training is targeting the many learners taking the same program. Understanding the different types of learners, summed up in following categor[...]

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The Big 7: Create Online Courses Based On These Principles of Learning

By | on 06, May 2014 |   online training online courses eLearning

There are principles of good learning design and delivery every training professional should be aware of. These are not mere abstractions but rather serve as a practical guide in planning effective on[...]

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