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Is Your Company Embracing Just-in-Time Learning?

By | on 17, Mar 2021 |   corporate training Industry Trends

What is "Just-In-Time Learning"? It is walking down to the desk of a more experienced co-worker to ask for a solution when you get stuck on a project. It is looking up Wikipedia when you come across a[...]

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Start Thinking of Micro Learning Moments Now

By | on 11, Mar 2021 |   mobile learning corporate training

Let’s be honest: your employees use smartphones and tablets every day, everywhere — including in your workplace.

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Why a Learning Culture Helps You Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line

By | on 17, Feb 2021 |   corporate training

Have you ever wondered why Nokia lost the game to Apple? On the face of it, Nokia seemed to have it all—a slew of phones (from basic phones that just let you make calls to those Lumia models that pack[...]

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The Differences Between Classroom Training and eLearning

By | on 30, Dec 2021 |   eLearning corporate training

Elearning has gone from a niche type of teaching for techy subjects to being a preferred, growing and almost necessary way to teach EVERYTHING. Technology is expanding and people’s need and desire to [...]

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The True Cost of Not Providing Employee Training

By | on 18, Dec 2020 |   eLearning strategy corporate training

When a lightbulb burns out, do you throw away the lamp? If you do, then you are either incredibly rich or possibly have a weird thing for new lamps I guess. But, if you’re like the majority of the lam[...]

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Factors That Affect the Transfer of Training

By | on 19, Nov 2020 |   corporate training

Transfer of learning refers to the “ability of a trainee to apply the behavior, knowledge, and skills acquired in one learning situation to another.”1  It’s what makes a job easier and faster as a lea[...]

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10 Statistics on Corporate Training and What They Mean for Your Company’s Future

By | on 08, Sep 2020 |   workplace learning trends corporate training

Benjamin Franklin once said “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest”, and we think Mr. Franklin got it spot on. Training isn't something that's 'nice' to have in your organization. It's an [...]

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4 Ways to Train the Overwhelmed Employee

By | on 29, Oct 2019 |   corporate training Industry Trends

They often forget dates and end up missing social engagements or the kid’s soccer matches. The smartphone rings, and they lose the thread of their thoughts. An email notification pops up, and they sto[...]

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