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7 Brainy Ways to Boost Knowledge Retention in eLearning

By | on 29, Feb 2020 |   brain learning

We remember the scenes and dialogs from some movies long after we have seen them. Some songs continue to haunt us even though we have not listened to them for ages. We can still recite rhymes and poem[...]

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Designing eLearning to Maximize the Working Memory

By | on 22, Jul 2014 |   instructional design brain learning eLearning

The brain is a complicated machine, capable of creating extraordinary works of art, solving complex problems, and feeling the deepest of emotions. At the same time, our brains function on a daily basi[...]

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The Science of Attention (And Why eLearning Professionals Should Care)

By | on 01, Jul 2014 |   brain learning eLearning Grabbing Attention in E-learning

Paying attention is a task people take for granted; they rarely stop to think about the complex neurocognitive processes involved. However, it is an important topic for eLearning developers who are of[...]

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How the Brain Learns—A Super Simple Explanation for eLearning Professionals

By | on 19, Jun 2014 |   brain learning eLearning

In his book, The Art of Changing the Brain, Dr. James Zull , notably suggested how David Kolb's famous four-phase model of the learning cycle can be mapped into four major brain processes. He believed[...]

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8 Brain Research Discoveries Every Instructional Designer Should Know About

By | on 07, Nov 2013 |   brain learning eLearning

The human brain is the seat of learning. We know about this already, right? But we actually know very little about the brain. Even the latest brain research discoveries comprise only the tip of an ice[...]

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