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9-Point Checklist for the Perfect eLearning Course Design

By | on 28, Jul 2015 |   visual design

We have been designing eLearning for quite some time now, but this blog post from Canva made us realize that great design is actually simple to create if you follow a few rules. So we thought we will [...]

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Being Pretty Isn’t Enough: Using the 5 Cs for eLearning Visuals

By | on 15, Jul 2014 |   eLearning visual design

Although infographics, charts, illustrations, and other visuals for eLearning will never replace quality content, they can often do a better job at explaining content easily. However, in order to beco[...]

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Studies Confirm the Power of Visuals in eLearning

By | on 08, Jul 2014 |   eLearning design visual communication visual design eLearning

We are now in the age of visual information where visual content plays a role in every part of life. As 65 percent of the population is visual learners, images are clearly key to engaging people in eL[...]

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