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6 Ways Color Psychology Can Be Used to Design Effective eLearning

By | on 09, Feb 2021 |   eLearning design eLearning

Research has found that 80 percent of information processed by the brain of an Internet user comes from sight and yet other studies have discovered that people are exceptionally sensitive to visual cu[...]

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Why You Should Be Designing eLearning Courses Backwards

By | on 09, Feb 2020 |   eLearning design

 Isn't it natural eLearning courses should be designed around how the learners are expected to perform in certain situations? This is called backward design, where you keep the end in mind before deve[...]

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6 Essential Graphic Design Principles to Guide Your eLearning Course Design

By | on 23, Jan 2020 |   eLearning design

While a great eLearning design can act as a tonic and engage the learner at an optimum level, a bad eLearning design can lull the learners to sleep.  That's right, how your learners perceive the instr[...]

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The Complete Checklist for the Perfect eLearning Course Design

By | on 14, Mar 2019 |   eLearning design

We have been designing eLearning for quite some time now, but this blog post from Canva made us realize that great design is actually simple to create if you follow a few rules. So we thought we will [...]

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The Basics of Motivational eLearning Design

By | on 26, Oct 2018 |   eLearning design

When we think of the word, motivation, instantly two things come to mind. First, when we are young, many outside things motivate us, a desire to do something, the reality of punishment from our parent[...]

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The Biggest Fears and Nightmares of eLearning Designers

By | on 29, Oct 2015 |   eLearning design

Yes, our jobs as designers are not easy. Don’t get us wrong; we love the challenges that each new project brings. We love to exercise our gray cells to think up novel solutions, and we pride ourselves[...]

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Makeover Mania: Here’s How to Revamp Your Old eLearning Courses

By | on 06, Aug 2015 |   eLearning design

How do you liven up a dull room? You hang a painting or go in for a fresh paint job.  How do you wear a staid-looking dress and not look like a plain Jane? You accessorize it with a colorful scarf, a [...]

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A 5-Step Guide To Creating Compelling Infographics of Your Own

By | on 09, Jun 2015 |   eLearning design infographics

Attractive, compelling, easily consumable —People have come to love Infographics. They simplify data and makes consuming them easier. They are exciting! And they jazz up your eLearning course like few[...]

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