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Graphic Design Essentials to Build Good Lookin’ eLearning

By | on 28, Apr 2015 |   eLearning design

While a great eLearning design can act as a tonic and engage the learner at an optimum level, a bad eLearning design can lull the learners to sleep.  That's right, how your learners perceive the instr[...]

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Max Out Your eLearning Design Toolkit with These +40 Freebies

By | on 21, Apr 2015 |   eLearning design freebies

There are few things more frustrating than finding an awesome, free online design tool then not being able to find it again. As an eLearning course designer you likely have experienced this problem al[...]

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3 Ideas to Give Your Next eLearning Course Visual Oomph

By | on 02, Apr 2015 |   eLearning design

What do you think is the first thing people would remember about your eLearning course’s screen, if suddenly asked? It should be no wonder that what they will put design on top of the list. But why do[...]

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How to Make Infographics Work for eLearning Courses (Tips and Tricks)

By | on 03, Mar 2015 |   eLearning design eLearning infographics

If you had not been living under the rock (read: away from the Internet), you know infographics are everywhere. They are on websites. They show up on whitepapers. They are in the ads. They are splashe[...]

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Alignment Should Always Be Our Watchword in eLearning

By | on 26, Feb 2015 |   eLearning design

“The instructional decisions we make will increase the probability that our students will learn”—Anonymous.  How do you dress? For the occasion, of course. How do you choose your accessories? So they [...]

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More eLearning Design Hacks to Keep Your Creative Mojo Flowing

By | on 10, Feb 2015 |   eLearning design creativity

It is true that we learn design principles from a bunch of theories. But too often, we eLearning designers make the mistake of relying on these theories to give us design ideas. They can provide ideas[...]

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eLearning Design Hacks: How to Get Out of a Creative Rut

By | on 05, Feb 2015 |   eLearning design creativity

How often have you spent hours staring at a blank screen in front of you trying to come up with an innovative eLearning design? Waiting for inspiration to strike is agonizing, and if ideas take too lo[...]

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For the Learner's Sake, Make Your Courses More Challenging

By | on 20, Jan 2015 |   eLearning design

Remember the school days? They were not only about making new friends, sharing lunches, having crushes, and dreaming of making it to the basketball team. There were some trying times too. For some, th[...]

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