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4 Ways to Train the Overwhelmed Employee

By | on 29, Oct 2019 |   corporate training Industry Trends

They often forget dates and end up missing social engagements or the kid’s soccer matches. The smartphone rings, and they lose the thread of their thoughts. An email notification pops up, and they sto[...]

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First Steps to Implementing a Mobile Learning Program

By | on 25, Jul 2019 |   Industry Trends

As a Learning & Development leader, there’s a good chance you’ve come up against employees’ lack of interest in training and development. Employee expectations and desires are changing, and there are [...]

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Why Video is a Must-Have for Your Mobile Learning Strategy

By | on 23, Jul 2019 |   mobile learning Industry Trends

YouTube videos are viewed 4 billion times every day. Vimeo videos are viewed a staggering 715 million times every month. And people do not throng these video-sharing sites just to gorge on funny cat v[...]

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Is Your Company Embracing Just-in-Time Learning?

By | on 15, Sep 2018 |   corporate training Industry Trends

What is "Just-In-Time Learning"? It is walking down to the desk of a more experienced co-worker to ask for a solution when you get stuck on a project. It is looking up Wikipedia when you come across a[...]

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Learning Experience Design: An Overview and 11 of the Best Resources

By | on 09, Mar 2017 |   Industry Trends

Human beings respond to experiences and learn from them. As eLearning designers, we need to think beyond modules and training sessions and instead create “experiences” for the learners. We have to get[...]

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The Future is Here: Tech Terms Every eLearning Professional Should Know in 2017

By | on 27, Dec 2016 |   Industry Trends

Technology is changing at an incredible pace. Marketing, data analysis, HR and collaboration tools are part of our lives, and with new tools coming out daily, new terms arise all the time. 

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5 Learning Tech Trends You Should Know About

By | on 15, Nov 2016 |   Industry Trends

The digital space is bigger than ever. Nowadays, half of our lives happen on the Internet. Social media networks, information, and all the time spent online is making us evolve, some would say. As eve[...]

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How to Turn Your Employees into Perpetual and Willing Learners

By | on 15, Sep 2016 |   corporate training Industry Trends

A fat paycheck? Yes, but not always. The corner office within the next five years? Yes sure, but what about now? 401(k) plan. Health and dental insurance. Paid vacation. Well, these would be nice. Wha[...]

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