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Important Lessons eLearning Professionals Can Learn From Design Thinking

By | on 08, Sep 2016 |   Industry Trends

Why limit the benefits of design thinking to product development? This specialized way of thinking creates out-of-the-box solutions to problems when it comes to designing new products and services. It[...]

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Struggling to Train New Hires Effectively? Try Micro Learning

By | on 04, Aug 2016 |   Industry Trends corporate training

One of the biggest challenges that any operation deals with is new hire training. Your company likely has a specific way it wants things to be done, and there are often a lot of processes in place too[...]

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How Digital Trends Are Impacting Learning within Companies

By | on 28, Jun 2016 |   Industry Trends corporate training

We’ve come a long way in the ways of corporate training and learning. The history of corporate training and development dates back to 1872 where Hoe and Company established factory schools to help tra[...]

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What are Personal Learning Networks?

By | on 21, Jun 2016 |   Industry Trends

If you assume students are only learning from eLearning courses, you are failing to leverage a huge part of the learning process.  Ask yourself where do you learn? Most of us might answer “in a classr[...]

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The Why’s and How’s of Social Learning in the Workplace

By | on 02, Jun 2016 |   Industry Trends Hand-picked Resources

Social Learning is not a new concept that has just come out of the factory—cloaked in layers of jargons and giving off the appearance of something that is impossible to wrap your wits around. We have [...]

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The Best Tweets From #ATD2016

By | on 31, May 2016 |   Industry Trends corporate training

ATD International Conference & Exposition 2016, the world’s largest event dedicated to training and talent development was held last week. A massive turnout of over 14,000 L&D professionals attended t[...]

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The Remarkable Benefits of Using Gamification in eLearning

By | on 19, Apr 2016 |   Industry Trends

It’s time to get serious about playing because when it comes to eLearning, gamification isn't just for fun. While it’s commonly assumed that gamifying your eLearning courses is merely a pleasant distr[...]

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Facts and Stats That Reveal The Power Of eLearning [Infographic]

By | on 07, Apr 2016 |   eLearning Industry Trends

The thing today is not whether eLearning benefits your business; the real issue is whether you can afford not to join in the trend. Here are some statistics that show why your company should have alre[...]

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