Enhance the way you create eLearning courses!

Turn the long hours of planning and repetitive tasks into a dynamic and streamlined process. In mere minutes, you can create an engaging and effective eLearning course.

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Discover the best AI-powered eLearning creator for businesses.

By simply answering a few key questions to a bot, the AI engine automatically generates a structured course complete with images, videos, animations, and even voiceover audio—all with just a few clicks!

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With our automatic animation generator (APEX), any text is turned into an animated format that displays on screen in time with the accompanying audio. Just upload your content, keywords, and suggested images, and in just seconds, an animation is generated.

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Create immersive 360° experiences in a snap

With SHIFT AI, you'll unleash interactive scenarios that transport your learners into a world of exploration, tailored by their own critical thinking and distinct decisions. Elevate your courses with cutting-edge interactivity, tailoring the learning journey to unprecedented levels of personalization.

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Automatic Subtitling and Translation

Enhance the accessibility of your videos with our advanced automatic subtitling. We don't just subtitle your original video; we also translate it into 72 languages, ensuring unparalleled global reach.

Automated Translation Engine (ATE):

Automated Translation Engine (ATE)

Automated translation processes—can you imagine creating new courses for every language in each country or region you operate in? With SHIFT, you can generate an identical version of a completed course in a completely new language in minutes.

Experience the magic of creating eLearning courses in minutes.

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What is SHIFT AI?

SHIFT AI is an innovative platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. It's a groundbreaking tool designed to expedite and simplify the creation of eLearning courses. With SHIFT AI, course creators can turn any subject matter or training need into structured and effective courses in just minutes.

What is SHIFT Meteora?

SHIFT Meteora is an innovative bot that, by answering a few key questions, can automatically generate effectively structured courses, enriched with images, videos, animations, and even voiceover audio—all with just a few clicks!

How can I get started with SHIFT AI?

To begin with SHIFT AI, you can sign up here and request access. Please note that SHIFT AI is currently in beta testing phase, and access will be granted selectively.


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