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    Six Benefits of eLearning for Sales Training

    Sales training definitely can be a major challenge for HR and Training Managers. Companies are selling new and different products each day and new employees or dealers come on board constantly. Therefore firms are always looking for the best way to train sales staff quickly and effectively. But, furthermore, they are looking for a faster time-to-market delivery.

    Three positive outcomes of successful collaborative e-Learning

    Collaborative e-Learning basically happens when multiple users can share and work with content simultaneously. Changes are shown in real time. Therefore, your course creation will definitely be more productive and effective as team members can work on a same course at the same time.

    Why is eLearning an effective investment?

    An effective eLearning product that’s developed with instructional design’s best practices in mind can help a company obtain a successful learning process, therefore justifying your investment.

    eLearning: the key to developing human capital

    Current companies need to compete with products or services that live up to international quality standards and whose delivery is met on time and it surpasses all expectations. Today there’s even more pressure, local markets have become global and there’s a need to adapt to change in order to stay productive.

    6 reasons why you should use games in your eLearning courses

    These days many companies talk about training while playing working, so maybe you are wondering why? As it turns out, games help reinforce training in the workplace. Therefore, we consider you should know at least six reasons why you should start using games in your eLearning courses.

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