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LMS vs. LRS: How and Why They're Different

By | on 09, Apr 2021 |   eLearning

If you have been in the eLearning industry for a while, you know that the platforms commonly used by companies to manage online courses are LMS (Learning Management System). However, in the last 5-10 [...]

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5 Essential Mobile Learning Design Rules You Should Be Following

By | on 07, Apr 2021 |   eLearning mobile learning mLearning

A common misconception is that eLearning materials can be simply transferred into mLearning courses. However, during the transfer, it is necessary to rethink the entire instructional design: mobile le[...]

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5 eLearning Design Mistakes That Can Ruin a Good First Impression

By | on 27, Feb 2021 |   eLearning Instructional & Graphic Design

10 Seconds. About the time it takes to check your phone “real quick” is all the time you have to make a first impression. This goes for your eLearning course too. People who view your course may be lo[...]

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How We Read Online— A Guide for eLearning Professionals

By | on 25, Feb 2021 |   eLearning eLearning tips

Brain research opens up new opportunities eLearning designers should make the most of. One such opportunity lies in how people read online. By tracking eye movements and fixation points while readers [...]

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6 Ways Color Psychology Can Be Used to Design Effective eLearning

By | on 09, Feb 2021 |   eLearning design eLearning

Research has found that 80 percent of information processed by the brain of an Internet user comes from sight and yet other studies have discovered that people are exceptionally sensitive to visual cu[...]

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The Complete Guide to Choosing A Color Palette For Your eLearning Course

By | on 15, Jan 2021 |   eLearning

Like the King of Pop once sang “it doesn’t matter if its black or white…as long as you use good, complementary choices from the color wheel.” Ok, maybe those weren’t the exact lyrics, but the point is[...]

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The Differences Between Classroom Training and eLearning

By | on 30, Dec 2021 |   eLearning corporate training

Elearning has gone from a niche type of teaching for techy subjects to being a preferred, growing and almost necessary way to teach EVERYTHING. Technology is expanding and people’s need and desire to [...]

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The 4 Best Tricks to Help Learners Remember Your Content

By | on 01, Oct 2020 |   eLearning Instructional & Graphic Design

It’s happened to all of us: we’re presented with information and yet we forget it. Why does it happen? One of the most common reasons is because our attention is elsewhere. It’s similar to what happen[...]

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