Design, Publish & Interact

SHIFT offers a Content Experience Engine that helps you design your content and make it interactive, personalized and engaging, without touching a line of code.

Create training content that’s engaging, accessible to everyone and anywhere even if not connected to a network—and best of all, done quickly and easily... without having to get IT involved.

Quickly provide your team updates on new products in a fast and fun way in the palm of their hands.



Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by creating digital experiences that differentiate your company from the competition. Give the right content to the right people at the right time. time.ime.ime.ime.

Transform your content into an experience

Great digital experiences mean connecting with your audience as an individual, not as numbers. This involves transforming the way you create content! SHIFT is the engine that empowers your team to create, publish and deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.
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Discover everything you can do without any coding

SHIFT can help you create innovative digital experiences, whether you’re a trainer, marketer, or product manager. Our tool is designed for teams looking to achieve impressive results, high-quality products and speed, with little to no technical skills.
Build, share and reuse

Reuse existing content from other courses. Simply drag and drop existing screens.

Create engaging quizzes and tests

Whether you need to create quizzes, tests or practice evaluations, SHIFT helps you save time.

Interactive designs

Add video, images, audio, and clickable buttons into your designs, and create a truly immersive experience that makes your content stand out.


You can push your projects to your LMS, LRS or the web with just one-click.

Translate your content

Create multi-language versions of your projects easily and quickly.

Responsive Design

Create content once and it automatically adapts to desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

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