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Deliver eLearning courses faster  

You and your team become eLearning design pros from day 1, thanks to SHIFT² eLearning software. Develop courses faster than ever before!

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No design skills needed

The intuitive platform gets you to the finish line faster, no coding needed. You don't need to be a graphic or technical expert!

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All in one place

Built-in audio recording, image editing and text-to-speech in one place. No plug-ins necessary!

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Quick, real-time changes

Updating, testing and publishing courses is a breeze.

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One-click publishing to any device

Create a course once, and it automatically works on all devices - Desktop and Mobile

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No need to download

SHIFT² is always online and just a click away. Your team can work anywhere, anytime.

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Collaborate with your team online

Teams can co-create and interact in one place, at the same time. The online, multi-user workspace facilitates fast collaborative progress.

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Create interactive screens

SHIFT² makes it easy to create interactive screens and quizzes. Plenty of HTML5, ready-to-use templates - available and ready to use.

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Build, share and reuse

Reuse existing content from other courses. Simply drag and drop existing screens.

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Building eLearning courses is fun!

SHIFT² takes care of all the hard work of designing eLearning; leaving you to get on with what you love: CONTENT.  

Ready-to use template library

Access our amazing, ever-growing template library.

We did the hard part for you. Just choose the screen you prefer, add your content, videos and images and you're done!

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Create your own template with the Template Builder!

Our Template Builder makes it easy to create customized and reusable screens for your future courses.

Build customized screens in just minutes with our highly visual, drag and drop authoring environment. No programming. No tech skills required.

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Future-proof your courses

SHIFT² goes beyond mere HTML5 output; it dynamically adapts content for any screen, resolution, or aspect ratio. It lets you design for all devices simultaneously—even ones that don’t yet exist!

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SCORM and xAPI compatible

You can publish SCORM- and xAPI- (Tin Can) compliant courses.

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Create iOS & Android Apps

SHIFT² enables you to package your course as a mobile Android or Apple iOS app.

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Create once, publish anywhere

No worries! You'll always be confident that your courses will look perfect on any device.

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True responsive design

Content flows and evolves to any device (even those that don’t yet exist), ensuring your courses look beautiful on PC, Tablets and mobile

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No resizing, no rework. No hassles.

No need to customize layouts for different devices. With just one click, you publish a single HTML5 course that works on any device.

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Audio autoplay supported

Audios play seamlessly on any device. No restrictions for the user!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

It helps us speed up course development

SHIFT has given us the ability to rapidly create quality eLearning courses for our clients. The built-in audio recording studio and the management of audio files is unsurpassed in the industry."

— Sandra Hanna, Bombgar University Senior Manager

No graphic or technical experience needed

Instead of being held back by our team’s technical limitations, SHIFT has opened the door to all sorts of possibilities. We are able to create amazing courses easily.

— Hellmuth Solé, Regional Education Manager

Our tool of choice for rapid eLearning development!

We have been able to reduce our eLearning development time by over 60% with SHIFT.It is definitely our tool of choice for rapid eLearning development. We have been using for almost five years!

— Mark L. Sheppard, Mind Muze

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