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5 Things You Should NEVER Do When Creating Your eLearning Course

By | on 24, Jul 2018 |   eLearning

Many of us creating eLearning courses are experts in our field, but that doesn’t make us expert educators. Even the seasoned teachers out there might not know how to tailor their skills to a digital e[...]

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The DIY Guide to Converting Existing Content into an eLearning Course

By | on 14, Jun 2018 |   eLearning

Although instructor-led or classroom training remains as one of the most common ways to train employees, the opportunity to implement eLearning to is a more cost-effective and convenient option. Howev[...]

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8 Templates and Cheat Sheets Every eLearning Professional Needs [Updated 2018]

By | on 24, May 2018 |   eLearning

We like to be productive. So we create keyboard shortcuts. We make lists. We stick Post-it notes and set up reminders. We don’t want to overlook details or stray away from standards. So we stick to ru[...]

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Understanding The Difference Between eLearning and mLearning

By | on 13, Mar 2018 |   eLearning mLearning

The need to disseminate education efficiently imposed that classrooms should no longer be confined within four walls. So distance learning came into being. Then as technology evolved, lessons were not[...]

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10 Things That Learners Pay Attention To (And How to Use Them in eLearning)

By | on 29, Sep 2017 |   eLearning Instructional & Graphic Design

Even more than other types of education, eLearning must struggle to attract learners' attention: the Internet is full of distractions, and adult learners are both busier and more free to indulge in di[...]

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What Happens Next? Post- eLearning Development To Do List

By | on 21, Sep 2017 |   eLearning

So, you have completed your eLearning course or module, and you are ready for learners to begin learning from it. Does this mean that you can move onto the next project and forget about the existing o[...]

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Hold the Authoring Tool: What To Do Before Your eLearning Course Design

By | on 14, Sep 2017 |   eLearning

When you go into a fun house or corn maze, there are literally dozens of paths that you can try to take. What strategy do you take when trying to complete the course? Do you run as fast as you can, no[...]

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eLearning Designers: Top Tips for Working with Your Subject Matter Expert

By | on 16, Aug 2017 |   eLearning

The role of the SME is often not given enough importance – but the fact is that without a good SME who can work with you to effectively convey the content that is needed, your eLearning module is doom[...]

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