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What Happens Next? Post- eLearning Development To Do List

By | on 21, Sep 2017 |   eLearning

So, you have completed your eLearning course or module, and you are ready for learners to begin learning from it. Does this mean that you can move onto the next project and forget about the existing o[...]

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Hold the Authoring Tool: What To Do Before Your eLearning Course Design

By | on 14, Sep 2017 |   eLearning

When you go into a fun house or corn maze, there are literally dozens of paths that you can try to take. What strategy do you take when trying to complete the course? Do you run as fast as you can, no[...]

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eLearning Designers: Top Tips for Working with Your Subject Matter Expert

By | on 16, Aug 2017 |   eLearning

The role of the SME is often not given enough importance – but the fact is that without a good SME who can work with you to effectively convey the content that is needed, your eLearning module is doom[...]

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4 Steps to Becoming a Learner-Centered eLearning Professional

By | on 10, Aug 2017 |   eLearning

Take a moment to step back from your role as an eLearning designer, instructor, or course developer and focus on yourself as a learner. Answer these questions: How do you learn best? What learning act[...]

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Getting Your Company Prepared for eLearning

By | on 27, Jul 2017 |   eLearning

Because of the multitude of benefits it offers, more and more companies are turning to e-learning to provide development opportunities to their employees. It provides a cost-effective way through whic[...]

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10 Types of Visual Content You Should Use to Increase Learner Engagement

By | on 11, Jul 2017 |   eLearning Instructional & Graphic Design

We love visuals. In fact, we are wired to respond more to visuals than to words. That is why we are so hooked to Pinterest and Instagram. This is also the reason why Facebook posts and tweets with ima[...]

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5 Business Challenges You Want to Overcome Today (and How to Fix These With eLearning)

By | on 29, Jun 2017 |   eLearning

You will be amazed what eLearning does besides presenting content online to your employees. Would you believe it if we said that eLearning would help you solve five of the most pressing business chall[...]

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8 Tips Every eLearning Beginner Should Know

By | on 22, Jun 2017 |   eLearning

eLearning designers are often the unsung heroes of effective online learning experiences. They have the powerful role of being the ones that build the content provided by the subject matter expert int[...]

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