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The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Develop, Manage & Deploy Bite Sized-Learning

By | on 19, Dec 2018 |   eLearning trends eLearning

The education and corporate training landscape is evolving faster than ever. Workers are distracted, impatient and overloaded with information. Their expectations, training needs, and learning prefere[...]

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Massive Shifts Happening Right Now in the Corporate Training World

By | on 21, Jan 2016 |   eLearning trends eLearning

Embrace the race or get left in the dust. While the world of e-learning design might not seem as fast paced or ever-changing as other environments, it is still a business, and there are changes in mot[...]

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3 Key Concepts That Will Help You Understand Learning in the Digital Age

By | on 24, Jun 2014 |   eLearning trends eLearning

Learning is evolving—in large part due to the Internet. Now you may already know about this. It's a fact you can't miss thanks to the proliferation of mobile educational apps, and courses suited to on[...]

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