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5 Character Archetypes You Can Use in Your eLearning Courses

By | on 02, Feb 2016 |   storytelling

Pretty much anyone can present information, but an honestly good eLearning course designer knows how to make that information stick with learners even when that audience isn’t interested. Because that[...]

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Keep eLearning Real: 4 Basic Story Types to Link Learning to the Real-World

By | on 08, Jan 2015 |   storytelling

Everybody loves a good story, even your (seemingly) staid and somber corporate learners. That's because, a child lurks inside all of us; he loves to peek into other people's lives and go with them on [...]

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How to Stop Being Boring: Creating eLearning with 5 Key Story Elements

By | on 06, Jan 2015 |   storytelling

Some of us remain awake till the wee hours leafing through the pages of a riveting story or scrolling down our Kindle screens. The movie buffs among us blow up our earnings on Netflix. Some others pro[...]

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