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7 New Rules of Workplace Learning

By | on 07, Oct 2019 |   corporate training

Embracing and adapting to a changing landscape is not easy unless you know the rules to play by. Times-they-are-a-changing. As it is with everything else in life, change is imminent also in the field [...]

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The Anatomy of a Modern eLearning Course

By | on 30, Sep 2019 |   eLearning

If you are a training manager, you have seen it develop for quite some time now. Your learner profile is slowly but surely changing. You now see many more members of Generation Y at the workplace and [...]

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Why Responsive eLearning is Essential to Meet Modern Learner Needs

By | on 25, Sep 2019 |   responsive elearning

Students today expect courses to be designed to accommodate multiple devices; do your courses deliver? Long gone are the days when students would only use desktop computers to access a fixed eLearning[...]

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A Simple Guide to Creating An eLearning Storyboard

By | on 21, Sep 2019 |

Don't begin an eLearning course without a clear path in mind; like any other effort, planning is key. For that purpose, a storyboard can come in very handy. What's a storyboard?   The term "storyboard[...]

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Learner-Centered Design: The Secret of Creating Engaging eLearning Experiences

By | on 11, Sep 2019 |   eLearning

Take a moment to step back from your role as an eLearning designer, instructor, or course developer and focus on yourself as a learner. Answer these questions:  How do you learn best? What learning ac[...]

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Stop Wasting Money On Ineffective Training Programs! Conduct a Training Needs Assessment First

By | on 30, Aug 2019 |   corporate training

When it comes to corporate training, one of the biggest mistakes that companies often make is that they start putting together training plans based on perceived training needs. The result: Training pr[...]

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Why Do You Need to Brand Your eLearning Programs (And How to Do It)

By | on 20, Aug 2019 |   eLearning

Learning leaders, you have lessons to learn from the marketing pros. More specifically, you need to learn a tip or two on “branding.” If you thought branding is something that only FMCG manufacturers,[...]

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A Quick, No-Nonsense Guide to Basic Instructional Design Theory

By | on 08, Aug 2019 |   instructional design eLearning

A lot of eLearning professionals, especially those who have just started with their practice, often ask about the need for theory. Why bother with an instructional design theory at all? Isn't practice[...]

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