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    5 Things You Need to Know About eLearning If You Want to Succeed

    eLearning may seem like the course delivery solution of the moment. Students love it because of the flexibility it offers while organizations like that it is cost-effective, customizable, and scalable. However, many companies try it and fail. Why? Often, it’s because they did not do enough audience or needed analysis before they deployed the training. It may also be because they weren’t sure of their organizational goals or they never spoke to workers before they required them to undergo training. If you are considering launching your first (or next) eLearning course, there are some things you need to do if you hope to succeed.

    • 10 min read
    • Fri, Apr 22, 2022 @ 07:24 AM

    How To Improve Online Compliance Training Using Learning Analytics

    Do you know how effective is your compliance online training? Is the program well-integrated into the company?  Are employees completing the courses on time?  Are they really learning the safety parameters or regulatory laws you are teaching? You won't have the answer to this if you aren't leveraging the power of Learning Analytics. Having the right data is key to understanding if your compliance online training is making an impact. Simply tracking completion rates and passing grades is not enough. Monitoring deep-level insights like engagement, behavior, and struggles are also important to analyze to make well-informed business decisions and provide actionable insights to your team. You can set the X passing score for successful completion, but in compliance and safety issues, if employees aren't really learning the information it could represent a huge cost in the long run. So, leveraging online platforms and learning analytics becomes essential for companies to supports students throughout their journey. For instance, if an employee does not get a question right, they can be redirected to revisit a specific module and come back to take the test. 

    • 11 min read
    • Wed, Feb 23, 2022 @ 04:44 PM

    6 Critical Factors that Affect How People Learn

    A lot of research actually goes into a well-designed eLearning course. And like it or not, instructional designers have to dig deep into the psychology of learners, specifically how they learn and what affects the learning process.

    • 9 min read
    • Wed, Feb 16, 2022 @ 05:55 PM

    Learning Analytics: 5 Mistakes to Avoid in eLearning

    eLearning was not considered a priority for a long time in many companies. However, with the advent of the pandemic, this took a 180-degree turn. As more companies started implementing online training programs, the importance of Learning Analytics has been growing. Leaders now more than ever require accurate data to continually assess performance and improve the vast amount of online learning experiences they are now offering. Despite this change in perspective, there is still a long way to go. There are many issues that are not being carried out in the best way and that hinder the real benefits of Learning Analytics. In this blog, we mention the most common mistakes that we see in relation to this topic.

    • 12 min read
    • Fri, Feb 11, 2022 @ 02:22 PM

    Use These 5 Instructional Design Strategies to Create an Effective eLearning Course

    In 2022, Instructional Design will continue to be one of the most important topics in corporate training. As more companies get onboard or expand their eLearning initiatives, it’s vital they consider not only the content they will include but also the way in which it's going to be presented. Effective instructional design puts the learner at the center and focuses on delivering high-quality, personalized, intuitive, fun, and innovative experiences, rooted in their needs. 

    • 17 min read
    • Wed, Feb 02, 2022 @ 03:33 PM

    4 Ways to Engage Overwhelmed Employees in eLearning Programs

    They often forget dates and end up missing social engagements or the kid’s soccer matches. The smartphone rings and they lose the thread of their thoughts. An email notification pops up, and they stop typing a report to send to their boss. This is your average employee (and probably you feel identified too). This is how people work—answering phones in between drafting reports, updating Facebook statuses while writing codes, and attending sundry meetings in between their daily tasks. Now would you be surprised if you knew that people usually forget 90 percent of what they learn within one week after the training event? (More stats here.) 

    • 14 min read
    • Thu, Jan 27, 2022 @ 05:15 PM

    How to Design eLearning Programs with Spacing In Mind

    The world of work has changed significantly since 2020. The need to constantly learn and relearn has grown is growing at an accelerated speed. In this context, it is inadmissible to waste time designing eLearning courses that are not generating the expected results. Take a moment and reflect: Have you ever wondered why your employees don't remember what they learn in your eLearning courses? 

    • 11 min read
    • Tue, Jan 25, 2022 @ 12:12 PM

    10 Habits of Successful eLearning Designers

    Whether you’re fresh out of school or a seasoned commander of an eLearning design team, you need to make sure your design habits are helping you thrive. In fact, one of the worst traps you can fall into as a designer is allowing consistency to turn into complacency, which is more likely for an experienced professional. To combat this, all of us have to practice looking for inspiration in new places and drawing from the other creative types, trends, and events around us. You also need to look back at your own projects. Do you hate what you did a year ago? Yes? Good! If you look at your past work and think it’s as good or better than your current stuff, that’s when you need to worry because the only way to stay at the top of your field is to be in constant competition with yourself. To get in the habit of increasing your skills while keeping good design theory in practice, we have some tips for staying inspired:

    • 15 min read
    • Wed, Jan 19, 2022 @ 03:33 PM

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