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    Join us in Las Vegas, ASTD TechKnowledge 2012

    We are thrilled to be exhibiting at the upcoming ASTD Techknowledge 2012 in Las Vegas January 25- 27. ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) is the world’s largest association dedicated to workplace learning and performance professionals. ASTD’s members come from more than 100 countries and connect locally in more than 130 U.S. chapters and with more than 30 international partners. Members work in thousands of organizations of all sizes, in government, as independent consultants, and suppliers. ASTD TechKnowledge 2012 will welcome more than 1,200 people who focus their daily attention on the design and delivery, management and strategy of technology and learning. Attendees will come together alongside 70 exhibitors in the learning technology space to learn, network, and move people forward through the application of learning and technology. We invite you to join us at booth #303 and learn how the latest updates to SHIFT can benefit you, demo new products, and course – meet the members of the SHIFTteam! Also come and discover our on-site promotions! Please register here. You will be instructed to enter a unique invitation number, which is : 2883. We look forward to seeing you!


    We are thrilled to be exhibiting at the upcoming Learning Technologies Conference next month in London! Learning Technologies is now the biggest exhibition and conference in the entire corporate learning sector.

    eLearning DemoFest Highlights Webinar Video

    SHIFT took top honours at DemoFest in the Onboarding / Employee Orientation category. Rick Beaudry, CEO of Mindmuze, demonstrated the winning technology again during the "DemoFest Highlights Webinar"

    SHIFT Wins Top Spot at eLearning Guild's 2010 DemoFest

    Nov 29, 2010, Toronto: SHIFT, a rapid eLearning authoring tool, won top award at DemoFest in the Onboarding / Employee Orientation category. Rick Beaudry, CEO of Mindmuze and Randolf Kissling, CEO of Aura Interactiva, demonstrated the winning technology to conference attendees during the two hour event. SHIFT's entry in the OnBoarding / Employee Orientation category was entitled Green Your Office, a web-based guide narrated by celebrated environmentalist Dr. Suzuki. The fully interactive eLearning module helps organizations see the benefits of going green at work and learn how to influence behaviour within the organization. Rick Beaudry, co-presenter said "It was exciting to demonstrate how environmental content was transformed into a highly engaging and entertaining learning module. Attendees walked away with a clear understanding of how fast, flexible and powerful the SHIFT authoring tool is." The 90 minute course was built in 30 development hours in SHIFT. It is packed with a wealth of content and tools, as well as an avatar of Dr. Suzuki to help users navigate through the program. "We are very pleased with this recognition by the eLearning Guild members" said Randolf Kissling, co-presenter at the DemoFest event. "But we're most pleased of leveraging David Suzuki's vast knowledge pool through SHIFT to reach thousands of users and really make a positive change." About the David Suzuki Foundation The David Suzuki Foundation works with government, business and individuals to conserve our environment by providing science-based education, advocacy and policy work, and acting as a catalyst for the social change that today's situation demands. Learn more about them at their website. About SHIFT SHIFT is an award winning authoring tool that is all about automating repetitive, non-value-adding steps involved in the development of eLearning. SH!FT is a complete eLearning factory in a box. It has the necessary elements to empower an instructional designer to create rich, interactive courses all by himself, with zero technical knowledge. By using SHIFT, the instructional designer has access to all the necessary elements to create an effective and great looking course. Automated smart interface interactions, games, simulations, media recording, scenario builders, everything at the tip of their fingers, all available in one integrated package. At the same time, it's not unusual to save 50% on development hours and speed to market. Maintenance and update savings are even greater. SHIFT is also used by large eLearning organizations that need to get more done, faster and more efficiently. SHIFT allows for specialization of labor, collaboration, review, update and content reutilization that will make large eLearning development teams dramatically more effective and more productive. About DevLearn 2010 DevLearn 2010 Conference & Expo is, by far, North America's leading eLearning event. This event caters to seasoned eLearning professionals who are out on the leading edge of the emerging technologies. Attracting between 1,600 and 1,800 participants, it is a highly technical audience of senior managers and practitioners who gather each year to explore the latest and greatest technologies for learning.

    Come See Us at the ASTD Technology Show

    If you are going to the ASTD Technology Show in Las Vegas January 27-29, come and drop by our booth to visit the "SHIFTers" to see what it is all about. Chat to us about the following: - How to build courses in record time without the use of professional developers - Our ever-expanding library of interactions that you can just plug, play and make your own - Our unique "push-button RFP process" If you have a course that you are working on, we can start building one together right away at no charge (the first 5 screens are free for qualified participants). Hope to see you there!

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