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On-the-Job Training: Why and How to Support Modern Learners On The Job

By | on 17, Oct 2018 |

Have you heard of the 70-20-10 model for Learning and Development? It’s a description of how people learn, based on a Center for Creative Leadership study, and it shows the impact of three types of ex[...]

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Managing Cognitive Load is a Delicate Act of Balance

By | on 11, Oct 2018 |

Cognitive load. What's that? You may not be aware of the jargon, but you are up to your neck in it! Try searching for information on the Internet. Kudos to you, if you can manage to find what you need[...]

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A Comprehensive Guide to Mobile Learning Design

By | on 09, Oct 2018 |

Mobile learning is a popular (and effective)  trend in today's learning realm. When it comes to the format and design of mobile learning, as a designer, you will have many elements to consider. Here a[...]

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Here's How To Promote Your New eLearning Program Internally

By | on 04, Oct 2018 |

They know that they make the best burgers in town, but McDonald’s still spends billions of dollars on marketing. If it is fried chicken, then it has to be KFC, but the makers still market aggressively[...]

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6 Ways to Never Create Boring eLearning Courses Again

By | on 02, Oct 2018 |

There’s no such thing as boring, so you have no excuse if your eLearning courses are falling flat! If our coworkers, customers, and friends keep thinking your eLearning courses are “boring,” they’re n[...]

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Numbers Don’t Lie: Why Microlearning is Better for Your Learners (and You too)

By | on 27, Sep 2018 |

Microlearning refers to an educational approach that offers bite-sized, small learning units with just the necessary amount of information to help learners achieve a goal.  In the eLearning and instru[...]

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Improving Your eLearning Courses: The 4 Most Important Elements to Focus On

By | on 25, Sep 2018 |   eLearning eLearning tips

If your eLearning course isn’t meeting your expectations, your development team can, with the right knowledge, improve it without starting from scratch. Here are four elements you should focus on to “[...]

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Collaboration is Key to Create Great Learning Experiences

By | on 18, Sep 2018 |

Creating a good learning experience requires a collaborative effort to combine the knowledge of different stakeholders involved in the process. Instructional Designers have to keep in mind the busines[...]

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