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How to Create an eLearning Course in 12 Steps

By | on 28, Jun 2019 |   eLearning

Looking at all the things that are involved in creating an eLearning course could make you feel like your first step should be to “Give Up.” However, with these 12 steps, we break down the process int[...]

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What Are Some of the Biggest  Challenges eLearning Professionals Face?

By | on 25, Jun 2019 |   elearning challenges

All over the world, eLearning professionals are tossing and turning in their beds. They’re waking up in cold sweats, muttering things about ‘compatibility’ and ‘M-Learning’. The constant winds of chan[...]

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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Self-Directed Learning at the Workplace

By | on 14, Jun 2019 |   corporate training

Self-directed learning (SDL) is on the minds of many L&D professionals right now. Training managers, HR professionals, and instructional designers want to promote this strategy at the workplace becaus[...]

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The Art of Simplification in eLearning Design

By | on 31, May 2019 |   eLearning Instructional & Graphic Design

eLearning courses are designed to provide students with helpful information and not to bombard them with irrelevant and unnecessary pieces of content. What many eLearning designers don't realize is th[...]

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Learner Experience Mapping: Building Personalized “Learner-centric” Experiences

By | on 29, May 2019 |   corporate training

The term “Experience Mapping” isn’t a new one – it’s been around for a long time in retail sales settings. For instance, brick-and-mortar retailers have for years focused on providing their customers [...]

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Organize Content Effectively to Maximize Student Learning

By | on 23, May 2019 |

It is time to set up a new eLearning course. That sounds simple enough, at least in theory. Sit down, draw up objectives for what the course is expected to convey to students. Get curriculum prepared [...]

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The 5 Worst Types of eLearning Courses and How to Fix Them

By | on 18, May 2019 |   eLearning

There are A TON of eLearning courses out there, and to say some aren’t great, is a complete understatement. With the technology to design courses easily accessible to everyone, there tends to be more [...]

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10 Types of Visual Content You Should Use to Increase Learner Engagement

By | on 04, May 2019 |   eLearning Instructional & Graphic Design

We love visuals. In fact, we are wired to respond more to visuals than to words. That is why we are so hooked to Pinterest and Instagram. This is also the reason why Facebook posts and tweets with ima[...]

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