23 power-packed pages covering all aspects of motivation in eLearning environments

ebook-motivationjpgMotivated learners are one of the best types of students for trainers to encounter due to their eagerness to learn. They see learning as a desirable activity and are willing to work hard to overcome any difficulty. On the contrary, unmotivated and uninspired participants don’t learn. They might take your courses, but they are mentally absent.

Obviously, we all hope that our employees will become motivated with the eLearning courses we develop. But we know this is not an easy task. 

To help you learn the basics of motivating online students, we’ve developed this eBook.

Specifically, we’ll cover: 

  • Types of motivation. 
  • Motivational drivers and barriers.
  • How to use motivation theories to design eLearning.
  • Activities to encourage motivation before, during and after an eLearning course.

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