Customer Loyalty

Your customers expect a more personalized experience at EVERY step of their journey. Exceed their expectations with SHIFT.

Engage & Reward Customers

No matter where your customer is or where they might be, quickly drop the latest information right into the palms of their hands.
In Any Channel

Create cross-channel experiences that influence customers at just the right moment.

SHIFT enables your enterprise to discover points of influence in the customer journey where certain engagements can yield the best possible results,

Deeper Relationships

Deliver increasingly relevant, engaging, in-the-moment content that drives loyalty and sales across any channel.
  • Create once, watch anywhere. 
  • Allow audiences to find and discover content with ease. 
  • Generate reports on completions and implement tracking to monitor progress.





Transform customer insights into relevant actions, providing targeted experiences to reach each customer differently.
  • When a customer interaction should take place – send content dependent on specific triggers, such as who and where the customer is.

  • What content should be sent for optimized engagement – Push personalized messages designed to engage and resonate in-the-moment of need.
  • How each individual prefers to be engaged – adapt to each users’ preferences over time to deliver increasingly relevant and effective engagement.




Surveys & Feedback

Gather feedback from anyone - customers, partners or employees
  • Push content to your specific users or targeted groups. Get detailed delivery reports to see who is taking action and who isn't.

Ready to take your customer engagement to the next level?