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TOYOTA’s Latin America and Caribbean division has been using SHIFT since 2012 to create over 150 eLearning courses, bringing its sales force on par with its strategic needs - achieving 50% faster time-to-market.

50% faster time-to-market

Monge Group has been relying on SHIFT’s authoring platform since 2014 to deliver training to more than 2,500 sales teams, including sales representatives, store managers, and new hires.

Savings of 52% in 6 months

BTICINO Mexico has created more than 70 responsive eLearning courses, 1,800 screens and over 20 training hours in just 1 year. They reach more than 600 sales and channel partners registered on the LMS platform.

Mobile Learning product training

Holcim, one of the largest cement manufacturers, uses SHIFT to train over 5,000 employees in 10 countries. They have been able to develop 33 courses, in 3 different languages, in record time.

+5.000 enrolled participants

SHIFT allowed ICA Fluor to save 22% on their training costs. They reduced training development costs while generating a vefold increase in eLearning course production. 60% LESS time required to roll out training. +2000 employees trained in under three days.

22% cost reduction

Bombgar's customer training environment demands elearning software that is dynamic and fast. New releases mean training updates are frequently required. With SHIFT, Bombgar has been able to update courses in no time. They've trained over 11,000 people with their eLearning system, across 65 different countries.

11,000 people trained

Thanks to SHIFT, GNC-Tennix has been able to publish eLearning courses in a matter of weeks. SHIFT’s speed and flexibility has enabled them to evolve their training program into a 24/7 operation.

55 courses in 1 year

Abbott Laboratories needed to find a way to keep their employees always trained to improve their employees' performance and productivity. SHIFT helped them obtain $1.5 million reduction in training costs compared to instructor-led training. 

$1.5 million reduction in training costs

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