Learning & Development

 Train your employees, analyze their behavior and get the insights you need to improve your business in real-time.


Your students will love the content. And you’ll love how easy it is.

In just a few clicks, you can design and create training content. You can be sure that every employee will be getting the right content at the right time.

Take your employee training to the next level!

With SHIFT you'll have all the necessary features to deliver successful onboarding programs, compliance training, and continuous learning opportunities.

Measure, Track & Act 

Lead with confidence by getting actionable insights in real-time. 
  • Understand employee engagement: Monitor the participation of training and get quick insights into data
  • Gain unprecedented insights into your audience and then take action as quickly your audience demands it
  • Track offline and online learning: Students can access the content they download and complete courses with the full app experience, even without an Internet connection. And you'll be able to track all offline data with Experience API (xAPI). Once the offline device is reconnected it is automatically sent back to our platform. 
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Increased Engagement 

Better engage your employees! Create interactive content that drives engagement and satisfaction
  • Respond to learner insights: Our platform helps managers respond to employee interaction and increase engagement with them.
  • Survey and test anytime: Create quizzes and surveys to test knowledge and get feedback.
  • Involve learners frequently: Add games and multimedia in each lesson – without any code.
  • Push content to users: Nurture your students through their entire journey when and where they want
  • Anytime, anywhere: Give your learners the freedom to access content whenever they need - offline or online
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Improve Performance

Find all the features you need to empower employees to learn and adapt faster
  • Course Assignment: Content admins can identify training gaps and assign courses to specific employees or groups.
  • Develop skills anytime, anywhere: give learners unlimited access to training 
  • Automatically send course reminders: Users can play courses with one click on their mobile phones.
  • Check comprehension: Add quizzes and evaluations to keep users engaged and on track.
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