Retail & Sales

Engage your sales teams, customers, channels and partners with relevant content at the right time.

Reach your audience anywhere, on any device

Our Content Experience Engine is a best-in-class solution for forward-thinking leaders like yourself. So, no matter who your audience is or where they might be, quickly drop the latest information right into the palms of their hands. SHIFT simplifies content delivery across all devices. Create once and view anywhere.

Discover everything you can do without any coding

SHIFT can help you create innovative digital experiences, whether you’re a trainer, marketer, or product manager. Our tool is designed for teams looking to achieve impressive results, high-quality products and speed, with little to no technical skills.

Product Updates

Quickly inform employees, partners and customers about your company's new products
  • Create once, watch anywhere. 
  • Allow audiences to find and discover content with ease. 
  • Generate reports on completions and implement tracking to monitor progress.




On-the-job Sales Training

Go beyond the classroom: Make tech part of the training
Evaluate teams with life-like scenarios, quizzes, and gamified assessments. You'll know who’s ready to start selling and who needs more training.




Surveys & Feedback

Gather feedback from anyone - customers, partners or employees
Push content to your specific users or targeted groups. Get detailed delivery reports to see who is taking action and who isn't.

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