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How it works

Each day of the 7-Day Bootcamp, you’ll receive a new email with actionable tips and worksheets. Each training will include actionable steps and exercises that you can complete. You'll have access to SHIFT for 30 days and get access to our ready-to-use templates to speed up the process. Then just, CELEBRATE the success creating your course!


Here's what you'll learn in this 7-day Bootcamp

Our goal is to help you create your own micro eLearning course in 1-week or less!  

Framer Basics

Day 1:  We want to help you start, so we've created the ultimate starting an eLearning course roadmap. Get access to our simplified formula for developing learning objectives. Also, learn how to identify your eLearning course target audience. This approach is the secret to getting people to resonate with your course and stay until the end. We’ll show you how to get it for your course.

Framer Basics

Day 2:  Time to gather all your content and use a mind mapping tool to plan out your course content. Once you see how easy it is to map your content, you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it sooner!


Framer Basics

Day #3: Grab our storyboard template so you can lay out all the elements of the course. We’re pulling back the curtains and revealing all our tips here!


Framer Basics

Day #4. Fire up your authoring tool, design a visual style guide and create a prototype. We'll teach you how to brand and give a personal touch to your course so it looks professional. 


Framer Basics

Day #5:  All our tips to start creating your course assets, from recording audio, to adding videos and stylizing text. 


Framer Basics

Day #6: Graphic design matters in eLearning, and you need to know how to pull it out correctly! We'll share the proven and tried design tips you need to know and apply today. 


Framer Basics
Day #7: Quizzes and evaluations! Don't get scared, this is acutally what we enjoy the most doing. All our tips to start creating your course assets, from recording audio, to adding videos and stylizing text. 
Framer Basics

Extra day: This is just a day for you! To test and publish your course. We'll just share a few tips and tricks that have worked for us in the past. 


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