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Understand These 10 Principles of Good Design Before You Start Your Next eLearning Project

By | on 09, Jun 2016 |   Instructional & Graphic Design Getting Started

A good-looking eLearning course is not a guarantee of its instructional effectiveness. Think of all those magazines with glossy covers that you flip over expectantly only to find that the pages are fi[...]

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7 Factors For Ensuring a Successful eLearning Implementation

By | on 28, Apr 2016 |   eLearning Getting Started

Undoubtedly, one of the most important steps when adopting an e-learning solution in your organization is implementation.  Successful execution of this step is strongly related to proper planning.  Pr[...]

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eLearning 101: 10 Must-Reads Before Creating Your First Course

By | on 07, Jan 2014 |   Getting Started

New to eLearning course development? Never built a course before? You don’t have any formal background in designing educational materials and interfaces? Making something useful and effective can be a[...]

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