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10 reasons why to pay attention to Mobile Learning

In the business world, every day we have less time to investigate, analyze, train, make decisions ... Meetings, documents, reports, goals to achieve ... it requires employees to be very efficient in time management to fulfill their tasks.

Under this scheme, as company leader, have you ever considered implementing mobile learning?

mobile learning

Here we give you 10 reasons why this could be a very useful form of training: 

  1. Portability: With mobile devices, your employees will always have their training tools with them, regardless of place or time.
  2. Accessibility: Mobile devices are today’s most accessible technology. Even in less developed countries, mobile telephony is growing exponentially.
  3. Increase productivity and performance: Whereas the key to business success is to find ways to do more with less, mobile learning places the correct and required information available to employees when they need it.  As a result, this increases productivity and improves performance.
  4. Convenience: The amount of information that employees need to remember, understand and use is growing progressively. With the use of mobile devices you can reduce the volume of data to be remembered by learners because they have access to content anywhere they are.
  5. Learning while working. Mobile Learning allows learners to learn while working. In traditional methods you as a company should create a context for the information that’s being taught, while with mobile devices, learning occurs when the context is presented.
  6. Cost effective: Learning through mobile devices reduces costs because it does not require that employees spend exclusive time on the training process.
  7. Reusable content: Content delivered to mobile devices is reusable; its easy access allows information to be used again and again.
  8. Flexibility and Speed: Mobile learning offers flexibility and speed. Imagine for a moment you want to send an SMS to communicate to your sales force that information about your new products is now available in a specific web link, which can be accessed via their mobile device.
  9. Learning in context: The contents covered by mobile technology are not only prepared in advance by the person responsible for delivering training, but you can use the devices to capture information at the moment and be sent to your employees. For example, take a picture of a situation that is occurring and sending it for analysis as a case study.
  10. Always connected: Mobile devices usually are always available and connected; making them very convenient to train employees at the right time is needed.

Now that we discussed some characteristics of mobile learning ... What is your opinion of this type of training? How will it impact your business?

Mobile learning-10reasons
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Karla Gutierrez

Karla is an Inbound Marketer @Aura Interactiva, the developers of SHIFT. ES:Karla is an Inbound Marketer @Aura Interactiva, the developers of SHIFT.

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