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The Why’s and How’s of Social Learning in the Workplace

By | on 02, Jun 2016 |   Hand-picked Resources Industry Trends

Social Learning is not a new concept that has just come out of the factory—cloaked in layers of jargons and giving off the appearance of something that is impossible to wrap your wits around. We have [...]

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Hand-picked Resources to Help You Become an Instructional Designer

By | on 30, Jun 2015 |   Hand-picked Resources

With the coming of the Internet, gathering information on almost everything under the sun has become easier than ever before. Just type a few words and Google will throw up tons of information. For in[...]

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5 Indispensable Tips to Be a More Productive eLearning Project Manager

By | on 03, Apr 2014 |   Hand-picked Resources

Proficient project managers in eLearning or any other industry naturally want to be productive. In a sense, they want to accomplish more in terms of the work they do for others. They want better learn[...]

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