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10 Global eLearning Leaders You Must Follow on Twitter

“Tweet tweet.” Do you hear that? That’s the sound of knowledge.

Twitter is one of the richest resources for networking and seeking out the number one professionals in any industry. You can even directly communicate with them, and more often than not, you’ll get a reply too.

What’s more, because eLearners are well…technologically inclined by nature, this means that Twitter is especially important in our industry. If you’re not involved, you could be missing out on essential information.

So whether you’re a Twitter fiend, or you’re just getting started, this is a guide to the big names in eLearning that you need to follow.

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Top Tweeter #1: Tracy Bisette

Tracy Bisette is one of the most innovative instructional designers in our industry. She’s making strides in eLearning, mLearning, social learning, designs, simulations, and gamification.

Tracy’s currently an advisor to Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, trade associations, and more. Before this, Tracy was the co-founder and CLO of Weejee Learning, which was then acquired by PT.

Tracy’s long list of achievements includes The Business Journals’ Women in Business Achievement Award and 2012’s Top 40 Under 40 Business Leader award.

Get insights into Tracy’s take on the hottest trends in eLearning by following her on Twitter here.

Top Tweeter #2: Marc Rosenberg

Dr. Rosenberg is a USA- based management consultant, writer, educator, and all-round good egg in the world of training. He’s known as something of an education polyglot, working in all areas, from learning and eLearning to knowledge management and performance improvement.

With more than 25 years' experience, Dr. Rosenberg has written several bestselling books, including E-Learning: Strategies for Delivering Knowledge in the Digital Age (McGraw-Hill), and Beyond E-Learning: Approaches and Technologies to Enhance Organizational Knowledge, Learning, and Performance (Wiley/Pfeiffer).

So if you don’t have time to read all of the above titles, then reading Dr. Rosenberg’s tweets are a fantastic way of learning from his expertise. A thought-leader and sought-after speaker, Marc Rosenberg is one of our number 1 recommended resources.

  • You can follow him on Twitter here.
  • Or visit his site here
  • Or read his contributions to Learning Solutions Magazine here.

Top Tweeter #3: Steven Meyer

Besides being credited with coining the term "The New E-learning,", Stephen J. Meyer is CEO of the Rapid Learning Institute, a provider of innovative and bite-size e-learning solutions to private institutions, educational organizations, and government agencies.

Meyer is also a current contributor to Forbes. His weekly column delves deep into topics like leadership, management and talent development.

  • Follow the venerable Stephen Meyer on Twitter here.
  • Visit his website here.
  • And check out one of our favorite articles by Mr. Meyer here.
  • Step 4: Analyze and Repeat

Top Tweeter #4: Charles Jennings

Charles Jennings is a man of many talents. An author (70:20:10 Towards 100% Performance), a consultant, former CLO and founder of the 70:20:10 institute.

Charles is a recognized for being one of the world's pioneers on building and implementing “70:20:10 learning strategies”. He’s an industry thought leader, and his first book, (70:20:10) is considered to be one of the key works for many eLearning organizations.

Over a 40-year career, Jennings has worked hard to change peoples’ mindsets and preconceived ideas about what learning can be. For him, training is an event or series of events, while learning is a continuous process. This is one of the major changes that Jennings has caused  in the industry.

Follow his Twitter to get insight into his thoughts and opinions on the industry, as well as updates and news on his projects. 

  • Follow him on Twitter here
  • Visit his website here

Top Tweeter #5: Greg Williams

Dr. Williams wears many hats (have you noticed a pattern here?). He’s an eLearning developer, consultant, professor, blogger, and podcaster.

Greg Williams founded eLearning for Everybody, and created the famous podcast of the same name. With over 25 years in the industry, Dr. Williams is certainly a big-name in the industry and any eLearning aficionado worth their salt should give him a follow.

  • Follow him on Twitter here
  • Visit his site here.
  • Subscribe to his podcast here.

Top Tweeter #6: Laura Overton

Laura Overton has been ranked as the most influential person in the eLearning industry in the UK, she’s a widely respected author, and has published a number of L&D benchmark  studies.

Laura Overton is the Managing Director of Towards Maturity. Her work is based on over 25 years of practical experience in learning innovation. She’s composed independent research and helped over 2000 organizations achieve positive L&D changes.

Laura is also part of the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) and the British Institute of Learning and Development. If that wasn’t enough, she also sits on the committee of Online Educa Berlin. These credentials and Laura’s prolific output of quality research mean she’s one of the industry leaders and well worth a follow.

Follow her on Twitter here

Read this interview by Totara LMS: 3 Characteristics of High Impact Learning Departments: Laura Overton Interview

Top Tweeter #7: Julian Stodd

An author, speaker, and “Captain” at Sea Salt Learning, Stodd identifies himself as a professional who “helps organizations understand the Social Age.”

Given this background, it makes sense that Stodd is the author of the “Social Leadership Handbook”. He champions social leadership and the design of Scaffolded Social Learning, Planning for Organizational Change and the impacts of Social Collaborative Technology.

We also really love the graphics he makes. See this one for example:


  • See his website here.
  • Follow him on Twitter here

Top Tweeter #8: Donald H. Taylor

Mr. Taylor is a 25-year veteran of the learning and human capital industries. He has experience at every level from design to delivery. Mr. Taylor has been chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute since 2010 and is an influential writer and speaker in professional development and L&D.

Donald Taylor also hosts a bi-weekly webinar and edits Learning Technologies Magazine. Another eLearning polyglot and heavyweight academic with a lot to say and a lot to share, we recommend you all follow Mr. Taylor.

  • Follow him on Twitter here.
  • Visit his blog here.

Top Tweeter #9: Sharon Boller

Sharon Boller is a company president and chief product officer at Bottom Line Performance (BLP) a learning-solutions firm she founded in 1995.

Boller’s specializes in developing games and simulations as she believes that these benefit employees more than only listening.

If you are interested in using game mechanics and game elements in eLearning, follow her on Twitter here.  Also, get to know more about her here.

Read her latest article: Commercial Games vs Learning Games: Avoid the “Bling

Top Tweeter #10: Jane Bozarth

Jane Bozarth is North Carolina's self-proclaimed "E-Learning Goddess". She specializes in finding ways to cut the costs of eLearning and doing motivational speaking.

Dr. Bozarth is also an accomplished writer, authoring these works (which we suggest you check out):

  • E-Learning Solutions on a Shoestring
  • Better than Bullet Points: Creating Engaging E-Learning with PowerPoint
  • From Analysis to Evaluation: Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Trainers, and Social Media for Trainers
  • Social Media for Trainers

Her direct speech and practical tips on learning design mean that Dr. Bozarth is certainly worth a follow.

Follow her on Twitter here

Visit her site here

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Karla Gutierrez
Karla Gutierrez
Karla is an Inbound Marketer @Aura Interactiva, the developers of SHIFT. ES:Karla is an Inbound Marketer @Aura Interactiva, the developers of SHIFT.

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