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October'S Updates in SHIFT

New eLearning Game
Tennis is the newest sport offered by SHIFT's Game Engine where students will be able to compete to win a challenge. 

The tennis game in SHIFT's Game Engine lets users add single choice questions that can be answered correctly in order to win the Tennis Cup.


This game displays instructions automatically and the instructional designer needs to include a minimum of 5 questions which will be displayed randomly.

Also the game can be interchanged among all others inside the Game Engine without losing the information added in the first place.

This will allow instructional designers to use their contents in many different ways.

New Avatars

Avatar screens in SHIFT let the instructional designer present information that requires a direct contact with the student.

They can be used to kick start a course, close a module, topic or course, present the course's learning objectives, etc due to the fact that the avatar is a character that serves as a tutor or a guide for the student inside each particular course.

SHIFT's newest avatars will let you have tutors that can fit accordingly to the content inside each of your courses

Also a new button called "Select" has been added to the screen which will let you search the type of agent you want and add it to the screen by clicking over its thumbnail.

Automatic Main Menus
SHIFT's 13 new menus will allow you to have flexibility and variety in your course's structure.They can be easily updated by simply clicking on the Install button. 

eLearning menus

Choice Exercise
The new "Checks with review" exercise is located among SHIFT's Evaluation screens.It will present the student with two or three questions of the same topic which will let the instructional designer evaluate the desired content. 

eLearning excersises

When the student answers the question correctly, he/she will receive positive feedback and the Forward button will be activated automatically but if the student answers incorrectly, a Review button will be activated taking the student back to the section that needs to be reviewed in order to answer the question or questions in the right way.

Karla Gutierrez

Karla is an Inbound Marketer @Aura Interactiva, the developers of SHIFT. ES:Karla is an Inbound Marketer @Aura Interactiva, the developers of SHIFT.

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