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SHIFT Unveils A Powerful Way to Simplify Your eLearning Design Process

Are you looking for ways to simplify your eLearning design process? Today we're thrilled to announce a new, amazingly simple way to add visuals to your courses: SHIFT's New Image Gallery. In SHIFT, you can go beyond just loading your own images in our interfaces, now you have the possibility to choose an image from an extense and very complete gallery.

Our new image gallery has over 1,000 images available! 

elearning image gallery

There are three main categories available: Avatars, Scenarios and Icons. You can select the image that best fits and complements your content.

post   new image gallery

SHIFT is really as simple as this. You'll be able to easily include different types of images into your courses without having to hire a professional in graphic design, saving you and your company a good number of development hours.  

We’re confident you’ll love this new feature we’ve just rolled out. We have tons of others we’re getting ready to introduce, so hold on tight!


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Karla Gutierrez

Karla is an Inbound Marketer @Aura Interactiva, the developers of SHIFT. ES:Karla is an Inbound Marketer @Aura Interactiva, the developers of SHIFT.

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