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SHIFT's New Feature: Scenarios and Avatars for Any Mobile Device

2014 started off right, full of motivation and effort clearly focused on meeting our commitment to quality and innovation in every action we take.

Today, we present SHIFT’s new ability to create Scenarios and Avatars for HTML5.

New Scenarios and Avatars NEWSLETTER con fondo 01 resized 600

This development, allows users to recreate multiple scenes in just seconds.

Incredibly easy to use, this feature consists of an interface that offers a perfect combination: stylized, human-like, lip-synched avatars along with background scenes you can upload, and if required, add text or audio too.

Scenarios and Avatars peque v2 para blogspot

With just one click the tool allows users to include avatars in their mobile learning courses. No programming needed. Moreover, SHIFT’s new set of avatars are more human-like than ever in order to create realism and generate the emotional response of a true human interaction.  

And that's not all! If needed, you can customize the various avatars available and load them into your course.

All of these resources in one place ... a superb integrated and efficient development that allows users to enjoy a multimedia experience on any device.

Imagine being able to build your own scene: choose where to place the avatar or the text within the screen, modify colors or even use the interface without any of these items.

Create personalized screens very easily and surprise your learners with truly innovative training products.

We invite you to explore SHIFT’s new Scenarios and Avatars family.

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