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6 Reasons Why You Should Know Your Learners Before You Create Your eLearning Course

That you have built it is no guarantee that they will flock to take your course. Your learners have better things to do than take courses that do not appeal to them. So what do you have to do to appeal to your learners? You have to excite them. You have to intrigue them. You have to provide solutions to their problems. And most importantly, you have to convince them that your solutions will change their life for the better. How?  By knowing what your learners expect from you. By knowing your learners, so you can deliver exactly what they need. By having a deeper understanding of them you can approach them like a friend and guide them like a mentor to make them change their behavior and attitudes. Have conversations with them frequently. Hear about their needs, fears, goals, interests and expectations and figure out next steps from there. Each conversation will make you more effective at eLearning design.  "The better we know our students, and the more they know and trust that we know them, the more invested they become in their learning" - TeachThought    If you know your learners, it will be worth your time as you will be more capable of:

  • 13 min read
  • Thu, Sep 17, 2020 @ 09:23 AM

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