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Mobile Learning: A Designer’s Guide to Fighting Learner Distraction

By | on 24, Jul 2014 |   mobile learning

One of the biggest issues in eLearning is distractions. The brain is constantly bombarded with stray thoughts even when users exert great self-control. The problem is yet more pronounced in mLearning,[...]

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Mobile Usage Habits of Today’s Corporate Learner

By | on 27, May 2014 |   mobile learning mLearning

The typical modern-day corporate learner never leaves home without his or her smartphone. This mobile device, after all, serves as an extension of technology-savvy individuals. With it, they search th[...]

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10 Great Moments in eLearning History

By | on 24, Apr 2014 |   eLearning mobile learning eLearning history

eLearning didn't happen overnight. It's a product of years of human ingenuity and innovation. There are moments in history that contribute to the inevitable birth of eLearning. So in an effort to weav[...]

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Mobile Learning 101: Everything an Instructional Designer Needs To Know

By | on 17, Apr 2014 |   mobile learning mLearning

The web is abuzz with talks of mobile learning. With its rise come many benefits, from higher productivity to better engagement. But with all the noise or constant stream of data online, it's difficul[...]

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SHIFT's New Feature: Scenarios and Avatars for Any Mobile Device

By | on 19, Mar 2014 |   SHIFT news mobile learning mLearning

2014 started off right, full of motivation and effort clearly focused on meeting our commitment to quality and innovation in every action we take.

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Creating Your First Mobile Learning Course? Here’s Some Advice

By | on 18, Mar 2014 |   eLearning mobile learning mLearning

A common misconception is that eLearning materials can be simply transferred into mLearning courses. However, during the transfer, it is necessary to rethink the entire instructional design: mobile le[...]

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The Mobile Workforce – Everything You Need To Know in 5 Infographics

By | on 23, Jan 2014 |   mobile learning mLearning

It's no secret that our portable devices have changed the way we work, live and learn. They still are changing things, whether we like it or not. Mobile isn't a trend, it's a new reality, and those th[...]

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Getting Started With Mobile Learning: 7 Quick Tips for Success

By | on 21, Mar 2013 |   mobile learning mLearning

Today, there are more mobile devices than babies are born. For trainers and educators the message is clear: mobile must be a key part of your training plan or you will be left behind. But, that doesn’[...]

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