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August's Updates in SHIFT

By | on 23, Aug 2011 |   SHIFT news

Game Engine   SHIFT offers you 7 new games that allow you to give more interactivity to your courses. Among these you´ll find: Baseball Tournament, Basketball Tournament, Golf Tournament, Bowling Cup,[...]

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SHIFT Share Continues To Grow

By | on 28, Mar 2011 |   SHIFT news

SHIFT Share is our innovative online community supporting the students in the global SHIFT Certification program. We welcome new students weekly and utilize SHIFT Share to communicate and collaborate [...]

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A New SHIFT Demo!

By | on 24, Jan 2011 |   SHIFT news

Here is a fantastic new SHIFT demo that targets an interesting segment; the live lecturer/instructor. This new template in SHIFT makes rapid authoring of interactive asynchronous lectures a reality! I[...]

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Webcast Follow Up: Recording and Notes

By | on 17, Jan 2011 |   SHIFT news

Thank you to everyone who joined our webcast yesterday! It was recorded and is now avaiable for you to view on demand.

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SHIFT December Release

By | on 17, Jan 2011 |   SHIFT news

The latest updates to SHIFT have been released and recorded for you to view on demand.

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By | on 14, Jan 2011 |   SHIFT news

Learn how to enhance any existing elearning course using simple SHIFT tips and visual tricks.

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eLearning DemoFest Highlights Webinar Video

By | on 02, Dec 2010 |   SHIFT news eLearning Events

SHIFT took top honours at DemoFest in the Onboarding / Employee Orientation category. Rick Beaudry, CEO of Mindmuze, demonstrated the winning technology again during the "DemoFest Highlights Webinar"

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Latest SHIFT Release

By | on 02, Dec 2010 |   SHIFT news


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